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Planning Your Long Weekend Staycation

Jun 30, 2022

Celebrating The Fourth Of July In Style

What Is The Fourth of July About?

On July 2nd, 1776, the continental congress voted in favor of independence. Two days later delegates from the 13 colonies approved the Declaration of Independence. From 1776 to the present day, people from all over the country celebrate July 4thas the birth of American independence.

Fourth of July Staycation Activities

1.         Wear red, white and blue to represent the nations colours

2.     What’s more fun than planning a family BBQ in your own backyard? Play music, eat good food and have some fun in the great outdoors!

3.     Top it off, have a few people pitch in for fireworks and have yourself a (safe) DIY firework show


Tips on How to Properly Staycation this Long Weekend

Keeping Your Lawn Healthy & Green for Company

Of course, you will want your lawn to look perfect for when family and friends come to visit so to ensure this happens, don’t mow your grass too short and keep the turf properly hydrated! To gather more information on mowing heights for your lawn, visit this Weed Man blog , What Mowing Height Works Best For Your Lawn (weedman.com) to learn more! Keeping your grass hydrated with the right amount of water is key. Giving too much water will suffocate the turf and therefore diminish in colour. To gather more information on watering tips, click here!


Picking The Perfect Meal

A barbeque feels like the only way to go during a long weekend, so to ensure you have satisfied guests, you must select the perfect foods! Hamburgers and hotdogs are a staple for an outdoor gathering as well as corn on the cob. While you're probably thinking, 'what about dessert?' cheesecake. Cheesecake is an American classic dessert that most people love and will enjoy.



Keeping people engaged and excited is the best part of any gathering. Plan ahead and create the perfect playlist for background music! You don’t want there to be any awkward silence, so music is a must-have.

The other best part of any summer holiday is, of course, fireworks! Going to your local park to watch them or pitching in with others to create your own show is a great option for added fun. Fireworks are the best part of the night because they can be in any color or size and when they explode, they are breathtaking! They solidify the perfect ending to your holiday celebration.


Wishing you a fun and safe long weekend, from your local Weed Man Lawn Care!


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