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The Many Benefits of Leaves

Sep 26, 2019

Added Nutrients for Your Lawn

Lawn benefits from leaves

Once fall rolls around, many homeowners are eager to get their leaves raked, bagged, and removed from their properties as quickly as possible. While raking is certainly an important aspect of cultural care (and one that is strongly encouraged by Weed Man!), there are several ways you can use your leaves to benefit the health of your lawn and the happiness of your family.

For Your Lawn:

Valuable Mulch. Mulching mowers can shred unwanted leaves into tiny, organically-rich particles that will eventually decompose on your lawn. These leaf particles add valuable nutrients right back into the soil, resulting in a stronger, healthier lawn.
Insulation. A thin layer of mulched leaves can help protect your lawn from harsh winter conditions, ensuring a healthy lawn next spring. Be careful, though, as too many leaves can smother the lawn and lead to turf disease.

For Your Family:

Full-Body Exercise. Leaves provide ample opportunity to have fun with the entire family. Rake leaves into large piles and jump on in! Get your heart pumping and have fun!

Sunshine & Fresh Air. Whether you’re raking leaves or simply jumping from pile to pile with your kids, leaves provide a great excuse for heading outside and rejuvenating your body with good old-fashioned vitamin D.


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