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Why Turf Doesn’t Grow Under Evergreen Trees

Dec 18, 2023

We love a good evergreen tree all year round, not just during the holiday season! Conifers like pines, firs, junipers, spruces, and cedars are popular landscape staples for a reason. They stay lush, green, and beautiful all throughout the year – and when the time comes, they make gorgeous, fragrant Christmas trees for those who prefer a real tree over an artificial one.


If you’ve incorporated conifers into your landscaping, you may have noticed that they are usually planted within garden beds or surrounded by a circle of mulch material, like wood chips. You’ll rarely see a conifer growing directly from the grass in the middle of a lawn, and if you do, you’ll notice a natural ring around the trunk of the tree where the grass can’t grow.


There’s a simple reason for this. The needles of a conifer tree are naturally acidic, and as the tree sheds each year, the needles fall to the ground and cause the soil around the tree to become more acidic. In acidic soil, grass is likely to become stunted, turn yellow in color, and struggle to survive. 


Adjusting the pH level around these trees and shrubs definitely won't be easy. That's why you’re better off mulching or xeriscaping these areas, as seen in many landscaping projects, or simply leaving that small circle of land bare. Your evergreen trees will look great either way!


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