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After Aeration: How To Get The Best Results From Your Aeration Service

Sep 27, 2023

Mechanical core aeration is an important cultural practice that has huge benefits for the health of your lawn in the year ahead. To achieve the best possible results, here are a few simple ways you can protect and nourish your lawn after aeration!

Leave the Cores

The cores of soil and thatch that are pulled up by the aeration machine are then left on the lawn. While they might look a little unsightly, resist the urge to clean them up. The cores contain beneficial microorganisms, which will help break down the thatch in the rest of the lawn. Depending on the amount of rainfall, the cores will break down and disappear after a couple weeks.

Water Deeply

If your aeration was performed in combination with overseeding, another service available at most Weed Man locations, make sure you water your lawn deeply right after your service.  For the next 10-14 days, water daily for 15 to 20 minutes in order to keep the seed moist, especially if there is no supplemental water from natural rainfall. A strict watering regimen is crucial for ensuring the success of the new seed.

Do It Again Next Year

Annual aeration is an important part of your lawn care program. In general, we recommend aerating your lawn at least once per year, either in the fall or spring (depending on where you live) to maintain the long-term health of the turf. However, certain lawn conditions (like thick layers of thatch or heavily compacted soil, such as clay) may require you to aerate your lawn twice per year, in both the spring and the fall. Lawns that have been affected by drought, disease, or insect damage would also benefit greatly from core aeration. 


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