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The Science Behind Slow-Release Fertilizer

Weed Man's Exclusive Blend

Weed Man's programs are based on creating a healthy turf that minimizes problems later on, and a healthy turf is best maintained through a well-balanced fertilizer program. But too little or too much fertilizer can cause problems for your lawn. Weed Man’s exclusive blend of fertilizer with 65% slow-release nitrogen, applied by trained professionals at the proper time, feeds your turf naturally through the root of the plant, and is the foundation of all of Weed Man’s programs.

Some of the many benefits of our exclusive blend include:


  • Applications can last 6-8 weeks;

  • Less risk of developing fertilizer-associated issues such as leaf burning and water contamination;

  • Grass growth is more uniform and results in a great, even turf;

  • Made from naturally-occurring ingredients, such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.


Nitrogen, being the most prominent ingredient in our exclusive blend, helps provide supplemental nutrients to your lawn, which results in grass looking green and lush; and knowing the appropriate time to apply the fertilizer and in what quantities not only saves our customers money and improves the overall effectiveness of the rest of our programs, but also helps develop a good root system, which is the key factor of a healthy lawn. Phosphorus is also an important ingredient, as it helps establish new grass and contributes to developing a healthy root system as well. And lastly, the potassium. Potassium increases winter hardiness and helps your lawn fight disease and drought, which is imperative if your lawn is likely to experience harsh weather conditions.

Not only is a well-fertilized lawn healthier and greener, it is also more effective at preventing weed infestation, disease and drought. Maintaining a healthy lawn also gives back to the environment by producing oxygen, cooling the air during hot weather, and trapping and absorbing urban dust and pollution.

Weed Man is here to help. Our exclusive slow-release fertilizer blend is the best option for homeowners across the country.

Help your lawn look its best and schedule your fertilizer application today!


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