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Halloween Lawn Décor Tips & DIYs

Oct 26, 2022

Make Your Lawn Spooktacular This Month!


Halloween pumpkins

If you have always wanted to decorate your lawn for Halloween but never knew where to start or what to do, allow us to give you a few tips, ideas, and DIYs to help you create the best lawn on the block!

Step 1: You’ll need to figure out what style you are going for. You can create a classic/artsy design or a creepy/spooky lawn!

Step 2: You’ll want to make sure you get rid of all your summer patio items. No spooky set-up has a sun umbrella in the background! From here, you’ll want to rake your leaves and (if you want to), incorporate some of them into your fall design to give your lawn that true Halloween vibe.

Step 3: Decorating! This is the fun part. You can be as creative as you want! Creating or buying your decorations and organizing them how you please. Keep reading for spooktacular ideas that you can incorporate this season.


Classic/Artsy Look

Halloween pumpkins decor

If you want a classic, less scary look this season, decorating with simple seasonal items should be your go-to move. This can include different-sized pumpkins, hay bales, leaves, mums, and other rustic or homemade decorations.

For instance, you may want to place each pumpkin on your porch steps to create depth. Adding small pumpkins along with bigger ones will assist in creating variation and curb appeal. Adding in other items listed above (such as mums) will give your display a pop of color, adding to the aesthetic. Mums are very festive and seasonally appropriate. 

Hay bales are also a great idea when decorating for fall. You can purchase hay from local farms (a great excuse to visit a pumpkin patch!). Hay bales add a touch of rustic décor and are a great, inexpensive way to fall-ify your porch. You may even consider purchasing a scarecrow or two and adding them to your seasonal layout. Repurposing your fallen leaves and using them as a decoration is another creative way to incorporate fall colors into your home décor.


Spooky Look

Halloween graveyard

There are so many options for making your lawn spooktacular! 

One of my favorite Halloween lawn decorations is creating a fake cemetery. They add a creepy effect if done properly. They can also be a fun, cost-effective project to do with the entire family. Checkout this DIY cemetery headstone here! While cemeteries have headstones as part of their look, they can also come across as very sparse and deserted. You will need to use your creativity to fill in any gaps and complete the display in a way that works for your home and lawn. Ideas include collecting your fallen leaves during the month, and on Halloween, adding your leaves all over your property (just remember to pick them up afterward!). You may also want to consider adding skeletons near the “graves” to help create the illusion of a scary cemetery coming to life.

Bring your cemetery to life by putting speakers outside and playing a seasonal soundtrack. This will catch the attention of neighborhood kids and lead them in your direction. You can really push your display over the top by using a fog machine. These are super popular on Halloween, as they create a WOW factor. We also recommend temporarily replacing your regular porch lightbulbs with bulbs of a purple or orange hue. This will illuminate your property with Halloween colors and give your yard a spooky touch.


purple outside lightsorange outside lights












Weed Man is wishing you a fun and safe Halloween!

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