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Perimeter Pest Control

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Protect Your Home Against Pest Invasion

Are you finding pests in and around your home? Protect your home against pest invasion with Weed Man's help!

What is a Perimeter Pest Service?

Picture your home. Now picture everything that surrounds it – perhaps your lawn, landscape beds, a deck, a garage, and whatever else might be on your property. All of these elements are considered to be the perimeter of your home, and pests living in the perimeter tend to make their way indoors as well.


If you are noticing pests such as spiders, ants, ticks, or other creepy crawlies inside your home, you may have a perimeter pest problem. Weed Man’s perimeter pest control service targets these pests from the outside before they are able to make their way into the home. The best part is, the treatment is performed 100% outdoors, so our technicians do not need to enter your home.  



What Can I Expect to See in My Service?


Weed Man’s perimeter pest control service provides homeowners with:


Barrier protection, to stop invading pests in their tracks outdoors before they have a chance to enter your home.


A perimeter spray around your entire home, as well as in landscape beds, under decks, in window wells, garages, and crawl space openings to protect your dwelling from unwanted pests.


A service guarantee. We promise to reduce pest populations – including spiders, ants, ticks, earwigs, and more – on your property.




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