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The Last Cut of The Season: When to Stop Mowing Your Lawn

Sep 23, 2022

last mow of the year

When the temperatures start to drop, homeowners often head inside. Many believe that once the cooler weather hits, you don’t need to mow your lawn anymore. This is simply not true, your grass doesn’t stop growing during this time, it just slows down.


When should you stop mowing the lawn?

The golden rule is to: keep mowing if it’s still growing. Cool-season grasses often continue to grow into late October and November. While you might not need to mow as frequently, it is important to keep an eye on your lawns growing patterns and ensure it’s mowed as needed before the winter. Your last cut of the year should fall about a week before the first frost. 


Why is the last cut of the year so important?

Many homeowners don’t realize that your last cut of the year will influence your turf’s ability to resist disease throughout the winter and come back healthy next spring. When it comes time for the last cut, make sure to lower your mower blade to the appropriate height:

  •         Kentucky bluegrass and ryegrass should be cut at 1.5 inches
  •         Tall Fescue grass should be cut at 2 inches


Cutting your lawn short before the winter is important because:

  •         Long grass bends and flops over under the snow. Once the grass is matted down, it creates an environment for winter fungal disease and snow mold.
  •         The matted grass will suffocate your lawn in the spring making it harder to recover from the winter
  •         Shorter grass is stiff and more resistant to ice and snow damage


In addition to cutting your lawn short, you will want to make sure that any debris including leaves, twigs, etc. is mulched or raked off the lawn before the winter hits. Leaving debris on the lawn in the winter will suffocate your turf and can contribute to the growth of the fungal disease.

If you have any questions about your fall lawn, do not hesitate to contact Weed Man. We are here to help! 



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