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Your Lawn Mower vs. Dog Poop

Aug 18, 2023

Do I Need To Pick It Up Before Mowing My Lawn?

If you have a furry friend, you know how quickly your lawn can become littered with dog waste landmines. In general, it’s good practice to clear the yard regularly so your outdoor space is pleasant and usable, but you may also wonder how an excess of dog waste will affect your lawn mowing routine


dog poop

We get it. Sometimes it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to remove every bit of dog waste in your yard before every single mowing–and that’s just fine! Your mower can handle pet waste in small amounts. It only becomes a concern when there is a larger buildup. If too much dog poop collects on the wheels or around the blades, the mower may lose traction. To keep your mower performing its best, clear your yard every few days. 


A regular cleanup is also good for the overall health of your lawn. It’s a common myth that dog poop is a quality fertilizer. In reality, an excess of dog poop can cause damage and discoloration to your lawn. Plus, it’s a potential health hazard. When a mower runs over an excess of pet waste, all that bacteria spread across the rest of your lawn, where you and your kids might want to relax and play.


Establish a routine to regularly collect the pet waste in your yard and dispose of it responsibly. Your mower (and everyone else who spends time in your yard) will thank you!


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