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How to Avoid Lawn Damage from Winter Fun

Dec 01, 2023

Whether You Want to Build a Snowman or an Ice Rink

We’re dreaming of a white Christmas… and a green lawn. Believe it or not, you can have both! With a little bit of consideration during the colder months, you and your family can play in your very own winter wonderland without causing significant damage to your lawn come spring. Here are a few simple tips for protecting your grass in the winter.

Playing in the snow

Playing in the Snow

The good news is that grass is pretty resilient! While a freeze or a light dusting of snow will make the blades of grass more fragile and prone to breaking, a thick blanket of snow actually protects the lawn from the elements and the weight of your footsteps. This means that the best time to play outside is when you’ve had heavy snowfall in your area – not to mention that more snow means better snow forts, snowmen, snow angels, and snowball fights!


To take it easy on your lawn, avoid unnecessarily compacting the snow or shoveling areas on top of the grass. While it might be tempting to clear a path through your yard for your kids and pets, you’d actually be shoveling away the insulation that protects your lawn from the freezing conditions and exposing it to extra damage from foot traffic.


building an ice rink


Building an Ice Rink

Want to take your winter fun to the next level? Build your own backyard ice rink! While many opt to construct an ice rink with a large plastic liner, there’s another, more old-fashioned method that is a

little better for the health of your lawn. Follow these steps to build a traditional ice rink with packed snow.

  1. Check the weather. Make sure the forecast shows snow and freezing temperatures for the time being.

  2. Map out your rink. Whether you’re figure skating or playing hockey, you’ll want to have plenty of room for your activities.

  3. Pack down the snow. You can do this by stomping the area in your snow boots. In this case, many hands (and feet) make light work, so let the whole family take part in packing the snow. It should be completely smooth when you are done – no holes or lumps that could become hazards for your skaters.

  4. Spray water over the smoothed snow, but be careful. The lawn below the packed snow cannot withstand extreme pressure. Don’t dump water in large quantities or run a strong hose stream over the snow. Instead, spray gently and evenly in a thin layer. For the best results, spray the area like this nightly, so it has time to freeze. This takes a little patience, but it’ll be worth it!

  5. You’ll know it’s ready when the ice is at least 4 inches (10.16 cm) thick, completely frozen, and shiny. 


While there’s no guarantee that your lawn will be completely undamaged in the spring, using the packed snow method of building an ice rink over the liner method will help minimize the potential damage. Instead of sitting on a plastic tarp, smothering the grass below, all that ice will melt right into the lawn with the rest of the melting snow at the end of the season.

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