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How to Work From Home – Outside!

Jun 26, 2024

5 Steps to Turn Your Lush, Green Lawn into Your Home Office

With summer in full swing, we’re all looking for ways to maximize our time in the sunshine! And for good reason. Daily time spent outside in healthy green spaces (like your lush, healthy lawn) is proven to boost mental well-being and reduce anxiety and stress


Working from home? Pack up your workspace and head outside to make the most of the summer season. In just a few simple steps, you can transform your backyard deck, patio, or lawn into a luxurious home office.


Working from home outside


Power up

The first step in ensuring a productive work-from-home experience in the great outdoors is to connect to reliable power and a strong internet connection. To keep your laptop powered up for the work day, plug into an extension cord or portable battery charging station. Make sure your wifi signal reaches your outdoor workspace, and, if needed, purchase a wifi extender to improve your coverage. You can also use a mobile hotspot if your wifi isn’t cutting it.



Working from home outside


Don’t forget to bring your most-used computer accessories, like your mouse, keyboard, headphones, and even a spare monitor, to your new outdoor workspace. You may even opt for a couple new ones, like a lightweight portable monitor or laptop stand. Keep a bag or backpack handy to help you transfer your setup from your outdoor workspace to your indoor workspace (and vice versa).


Working from home outside


Get Comfortable

Wherever you work, it’s important to consider healthy ergonomics to avoid strain, pain, and soreness.

  • Your chair height should keep your knees even with your hips and allow your feet to be flat on the floor.

  • Your back should be well supported. Depending on your outdoor seating, you may want to bring a seat cushion or lumbar pillow for maximum comfort.

  • Your arm rests and table height should allow your shoulders to be in a relaxed position.

  • Sit at least an arm’s length away from your screen.


It’s a good idea to change positions throughout the day. Make sure you get up, stretch, and walk around at regular intervals. And don’t forget to give your eyes (and your mind) a few well-deserved periods of rest.


Working from home outside


Soak up the Sun (Responsibly)

When you’re working outside on a beautiful sunny day, you’ll want to find a cozy spot in the shade, such as under a covered patio, a canopy of foliage, or an umbrella. Protect yourself with sunscreen (and insect repellent), and make sure the temperature is not so high that it causes your laptop to overheat.


Working from home outside



While you can’t exactly control your outdoor environment, there are a few ways to help minimize distractions (both for you and your virtual coworkers). Use noise canceling headphones to drown out any sounds of traffic, neighboring yard work, or barking dogs, and  take care to position yourself with a simple-distraction free background for video calls. 



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