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Fall Activities to Enjoy Outdoors

Fall fun for the whole family

Fall has now been officially underway for a few weeks, but worry not -- there is still time for you and your family to enjoy some festive activities outdoors! If you’re searching for your next outdoor weekend plan, look no further than Weed Man’s list of fall activities that the whole family can enjoy.

If you’re tired of the same old suggestions for apple and pumpkin picking, why not try something new and build a classic scarecrow?


We’ve all seen scarecrows on TV and in movies, but not too many of us have actually gotten the chance to build one. While scarecrows were originally meant to be used to scare away wildlife from invading a garden, you don’t really need a garden to have a scarecrow. They make for cute and festive decorations on their own! Plus, you can get creative with their outfits and even make scarecrow-style “pets” for them.


If your family is more of the competitive type, why not host a leaf-collecting competition? While the colours are still changing, head outside to see who can collect the first (or the most!) yellow, orange, red, and brown leaves.


Once you’ve collected the leaves, there are endless possibilities to turn this little activity into a long-lasting memory. Try pressing the leaves into books, creating a leaf collage, or build a massive leaf pile to jump in!


If you’re looking for a more relaxed activity, why not have a fall-themed outdoor movie night? While the weather is still mild, you can set up a projector in your backyard, gather up lots of cozy blankets, and watch your favorite fall classics. (Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin, anyone!?)


And there you have it: Weed Man’s recommendations for some fun, family-oriented, fall outdoor activities. Now get out there and make some festive memories (and hurry… winter is on its way)!

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