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Why That DIY Lawn Care Subscription Box Might Not Be As Eco-Friendly As It Claims

Mar 27, 2024

Subscription boxes are all the rage these days – whether you’re looking for meal prepping, beauty products, clothes, or toys, there’s an option out there for a monthly delivery, straight to your door. Perhaps the most surprising trend in recent years is the advent of DIY lawn care in a monthly subscription box, claiming to be a convenient, eco-friendly alternative to traditional lawn care programs

However, there are a few major problems when it comes to DIY lawn care in a box. In fact, these lawn care subscription box services are probably not as eco-friendly as they claim.

The Importance of Proper Application

With a DIY subscription box, your lawn care program is designed off-site, by someone who has never set eyes or foot on your lawn – and that’s only half of the story. The other half (and it’s pretty important) is the actual application of the products. 


DIY lawn care subscriptions place the burden on you, the homeowner, to perform the fertilization, weed control, or other application. The problem? The average homeowner is certainly not trained or certified to handle lawn care products with the confidence and expertise required to achieve the best results.


Improper application of fertilizers, herbicides, and other lawn care products can lead to disastrous effects for your lawn and the surrounding environment!


  • Striping: Improper fertilizer application can result in unsightly striping as different areas of your lawn receive inconsistent doses of fertilizer.

  • Burnt Turf: Improper fertilizer application can result in burns. These brown and yellow patches in your lawn appear dead and will take time and effort to repair.

  • Susceptibility to Pest and Disease: Improper fertilizer applications – whether you accidentally over-fertilize or under-fertilize – can weaken the turf, making it susceptible to other damage, including pests, disease, and weeds.

  • Nutrient Runoff: Over-fertilization can result in excessive nutrient buildup, which causes runoff that can contaminate water sources, which is bad for the environment and wildlife.

At Weed Man, our technicians are specially trained and certified to handle all products responsibly and according to our safe, eco-friendly integrated pest management strategies. Your Weed Man technician expertly treats your lawn while also monitoring it for potential problems and opportunities for improvement. The result? A lush, healthy lawn all season long!



The Trouble with Liquid Fertilizers

Many DIY fertilizers, whether they come from a subscription box or your local home and gardens store, come in a liquid formula, designed to attach to your hose. However, liquid fertilizer is no match for a high quality granular fertilizer, like Weed Man’s premium proprietary granular fertilizer. This is because liquid fertilizers primarily target the grass blades, without successfully reaching the roots for long-term plant health.


With your lawn’s nutrition in mind, Weed Man uses a high-percentage, slow-release granular fertilizer that is blended exclusively for Weed Man. (That means you can only access it by becoming one of our valued customers!) Our premium, golf course-quality mixture gives your lawn a boost from the get-go, and then continually feeds it throughout the next several weeks and months. Blended using the latest slow-release technology, our fertilizer releases a small, steady amount of nutrients over time – only when your lawn needs it. This allows the grass plants to feed for an extended period, rather than feast all at once, which is better for establishing strong root growth. It’s better for the environment, too!

Here’s why it works:

  • Consistent And Prolonged Nutrient Supply: Weed Man’s custom fertilizer blend combines essential nutrients, including nitrogen, potassium, and other macronutrients, like sulfur and magnesium. Nitrogen aids in plant growth and helps keep grass looking green and healthy, while potassium increases weather hardiness and resistance to disease and drought. Our slow-release granular fertilizer will provide a steady supply of these nutrients, promoting healthy growth and improving overall plant health. 

  • Reduced Leaching: Our slow-release fertilizer reduces the risk of nutrients being lost due to leaching, which can occur when water washes the nutrients out of the soil. This means that every precious nutrient makes its way into your lawn without being wasted. 

  • Improved Efficiency: Our slow-release fertilizer is more efficient than traditional, water-soluble fertilizers because it can be applied less frequently, reducing the amount of fertilizer needed overall and maximizing the positive effects on your lawn.

  • Reduced Risk Of Over-Fertilization: Over-fertilization can lead to a number of problems, including plant stress, leaf burn, and root damage. Our slow-release fertilizer reduces the risk of over-fertilization by providing a consistent and controlled supply of nutrients, only when the time is right.

Better Than a Subscription Box

You just can’t beat a traditional lawn care program! With expert application and superior products, a Weed Man lawn care program is even more convenient than a monthly subscription box.


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