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Lawn Maintenance and Your Fitness Goals

Jan 15, 2024

How Yard Work Helps You Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution

New Year lawn resolutions


Every year, the most popular New Year’s resolutions center around health and fitness. If this describes you, your upcoming year of yard work can actually help you meet your goals! Whether you want to prioritize cardiovascular exercise, build strength, or focus on your mental health, lawn maintenance tasks like mowing, clearing debris, and weeding garden beds will give you a therapeutic workout (plus your lawn will look great!). 

Burn Calories While Mowing the Lawn

It’s no secret that outdoor chores like mowing the lawn can be tiring, but if you’re working toward a New Year’s resolution or other fitness goals, all that physical activity really works in your favor. Of course, the quality of the workout will depend on a few factors, like the size of your lawn and the type of mower you have, but if you mow your lawn with a hand operated mower, you can burn up to 244 calories in just 30 minutes! That adds up over the lawn care season! And if you like to track your fitness with a smartwatch, it will definitely pick up on your movement and heart rate, contributing to your overall activity trends. 


This is not to mention all the benefits to your lawn! Regular mowing is essential for maintaining the health and appearance of a lawn. It promotes thicker growth and a denser turf, allowing the lawn to better withstand heat, drought, and disease while also helping to control the growth of weeds

The Sun, Plants, and Your Mental Health

Even just spending time outside in the sun and fresh air – whether you’re doing a little yard work or fully relaxing – can reduce your stress and improve your overall mood. Fresh air boosts your mental clarity and reduces stress. Exposure to vitamin D from the sun can improve your calcium levels and lessen symptoms of depression (just make sure to wear sunscreen!). Interactions with plants, nature, and green spaces can improve mental health, self esteem, and focus. And light physical tasks like gardening can help build strength (especially in your hands), improve satisfaction and mindfulness, and have therapeutic effects – plus, it’s fun! And in the end, you have an even more beautiful outdoor space to enjoy.


Ready to hit the ground running? In the new year, let your yard work do double duty for both your fitness goals and the health of your lawn. Weed Man is here to help with expert lawn care services, including fertilization, weed control, surface insect control, and lawn disease control.


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