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Getting Your Lawn Mower Ready for the Season

Getting Your Lawn Mower Ready for the Season

It’s Time to Give Your Mower a Tune-Up


Start your engines! Spring has sprung and that means it’s time to get your mower geared up for the season. If you didn’t do any end-of-season maintenance last fall, it’s even more important to do it now! Not only will this help improve the health of your turf, proper maintenance can also extend the life and performance of your mower. Follow these steps to make sure your mower is in tip-top shape for the start of lawn care season:

Sharpen Your Mower Blade

  • Mower blades should be sharpened at least twice every season

  • Sharpened mower blades ensure a crisp and healthy cut every time, preventing tearing of the grass blade

  • If you notice large chips or cracks in the blade, don’t sharpen it; buy a new one

  • You can sharpen the blades yourself or visit your local hardware store


Check Spark Plug

  • You should check/change your spark plug once a year

  • A dirty or loose spark plug can make your mower difficult to start, waste fuel and give a choppy cut


Change the Oil

  • Your oil should be changed once a season

  • Reference your homeowner manual to ensure you are using the appropriate oil type

  • Ensure you remove spark and drain dirty oil before refilling



Clean the Mower Deck

  • Grass clippings and caked-on dirt can accumulate on the mower’s underbelly

  • Flip the mower on its side and power wash the mower deck to remove any stuck-on debris

  • Regularly clean your mower deck throughout the season to prevent the spread of disease


Grease Moving Parts

  • Lubricate any moving parts such as wheel bearings



Why is Mower Maintenance Important?


Lawnmower maintenance is a fundamental element of lawn care. Despite being commonly overlooked, the importance of mowing practices can greatly affect turf health. If you notice yellow or brown tips on your grass blades, this is a common sign that your mower blade isn’t sharp enough. Using a dull mower blade can create tears that don’t heal and leave our lawn susceptible to disease, insect damage, drought and heat stress.

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