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National Mushroom Day

October 15th has been officially marked as National Mushroom Day. We’re not exactly sure why this tradition was created or who created it in the first place, but what we do know is that, here at Weed Man, we aren’t celebrating the mushrooms growing in our lawns!


If you’ve noticed mushrooms popping up here and there on your property, you may be relieved to know that Weed Man has a solution. Read on to learn more!




Mushrooms are the above-ground fruiting or reproductive structure of a fungus. While there are many different kinds of mushrooms – some poisonous, some edible – the kinds that grow in your lawn can be annoying, at best. While lawn mushrooms do not actually cause any damage to turf, some species are foul-smelling, some are poisonous, and above all, they are quite the eyesore!


There are a few reasons that you may be seeing mushrooms popping up in your lawn. The main source is typically organic matter (such as tree stumps, timber, or old tree or shrub roots) that is buried below the turf. Fungi will attempt to break down the organic matter, resulting in the growth of mushrooms.


Another cause of mushroom growth in the lawn is excessively damp conditions. If your lawn is getting too much water – be it from manual watering or rainfall – it can turn into a breeding ground for mushrooms.


If your lawn is not suffering from buried organic matter or excessively damp conditions, the issue may be that it is not getting enough sunlight. Mushrooms thrive in shaded areas, and on top of that, shaded areas can create even more moisture.


shade from tree


So, what can you do about mushrooms growing in your lawn?


The best way to prevent mushroom growth is to create conditions that mushrooms will not thrive in. This might mean digging up rotting stumps or roots, watering less frequently and for shorter periods, reducing the thatch layer through raking or core aeration, or trimming branches of nearby trees and shrubs that limit sun exposure.


While these are good preventative measures, we understand that sometimes you need to deal with the problem as quickly as possible. In a pinch, mushrooms can be removed by hand, with a stiff rake, or a lawn mower.



If you have any further questions about mushrooms growing in your lawn, contact your local Weed Man professional today!

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