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How to Prepare Your Lawn Equipment for Winter

Nov 14, 2022

How to Prepare Your Lawn Equipment for Winter

End-of-Season Tips to Ensure Your Gear is Organized for Winter!

As Autumn comes to a close, it’s important to remember to winterize your lawn mower before storing it away for the season. Following proper maintenance will help to extend the life of your machine, prevent malfunctions and ensure a successful start-up come next spring!

Lawn Mower Maintenance Steps:

  • Inspect the blades
  • Drain the fuel tank
  • Replace the air filter
  • Clean the undercarriage


Cleaning Under Lawn Mower

Inspect the Blades

Turn your lawn mower over and take off the blades, carefully! Now it is important to inspect the blades to ensure they are not rusted. Clean them thoroughly and if necessary, get them sharpened. A sharp blade is best for your grass and sharpening the tools now, will save the hassle come springtime!


Drain the Fuel Tank

Leaving gasoline in the fuel tank for a long time can cause problems when you start it next spring. For instance, there’s a chance the gas could evaporate which can clog the fuel lines and carburetor. If this were to happen, repairing it would be an annoyance. To avoid having issues starting it up for the first mow of the year, we recommend adding a fuel stabilizer to the tank and draining the gasoline. To do this, add the stabilizer to the tank and run the engine for five minutes, while this is happening proceed to drain the gas tank until the mower dies. To ensure the lines are empty, try and start it a few more times.


Clean the Undercarriage

Undercarriage of lawn mower

While your mower is still flipped over, take some soapy, hot water and clean the grass clippings and dirt from the underpart of your mower. Keeping it clean will ensure a prolonged life for your tool.


Replace the Air Filter

Just like in your home and car, air filters in your lawnmowers need to be changed! Having a dirty filter can choke your engine and cause problems when starting. If you have frequent issues starting your lawn mower, your air filter may be the source. Replacing it is the best bet but if you’d rather clean it, that’s perfectly doable as well. Just make sure the filter is completely dry before reinstalling!

There you have it, the best tips for winterizing your lawnmower to ensure a clean start-up come spring! If you don’t have a garage or shed where you store your equipment, make sure you cover the machine up for the winter so that it won’t get damaged or rust! 


Contact your local Weed Man professionals today if you have any questions about winter preparation!

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