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How To Tell If Your Lawn Is The Healthiest Color

Aug 23, 2023

Shades of Green

At Weed Man, we work hard to help you achieve the lush, green lawn of your dreams. However, not all shades of green are equal indicators of health. While it may be fairly easy to notice brown patches and other discoloration, different shades of green can provide more subtle clues that your lawn might need a little help. Here’s a quick breakdown of what your green grass might mean.

Dark Green Grass

Dark green grass is typically your lawn’s healthiest shade, but that ideal color will depend on the varieties of grass used in your lawn. For example, Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass (both cool-season grasses common in the northern US and Canada), are naturally different shades of green, as are Bermuda grass and St. Augustine grass (both warm-season grasses common in the southern US). When identifying your lawn’s healthy shade of dark green, it’s important to take into account the varieties of grass in your lawn. And remember: many lawns are actually made up of a blend of grass varieties, which can also influence the overall desired color.

green grass comparison

Dark green grass–whatever that means for your particular lawn–usually indicates that your lawn is getting the right amount of water, nutrients, and sunlight for healthy growth. Keep following the beneficial cultural practices that have helped your lawn grow strong! 

Light Green Grass

If your grass turns a lighter shade of green, this can indicate that it’s not receiving enough nutrients, water, or sunlight. You can help it perk up with a proper watering regimen and with Weed Man’s premium, proprietary fertilizer, specially blended to give your lawn a consistent and prolonged supply of nutrients. If you’re concerned that your grass is not as dark and healthy as it should be, talk to your local Weed Man professional about the best options to improve the conditions of your lawn.

Yellow Tinted Grass

If your grass turns more yellow than green, this also indicates a lack of nutrients. Like many plants, grass gets its green color from chlorophyll and the process of converting sunlight into energy. A dull, yellow-ish shade of green suggests that the grass might not be receiving enough nutrients to produce the chlorophyll it needs. Talk to your local Weed Man professional about the best options to improve the conditions of your lawn, and make sure you’re following consistent, beneficial cultural practices, including watering, mowing, fertilization, and mechanical core aeration

Nourish Your Lawn With Weed Man

No matter what’s standing in the way of your lawn’s healthiest and most vibrant shade of green, Weed Man will help you achieve the lush, healthy lawn of your dreams. Our certified technicians are trained to diagnose and treat a wide array of conditions, including pests, disease, weeds, and nutrient deficiencies. Let us build a custom treatment plan for you!


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