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Your Weed Man Lawn Care Program

Your Weed Man Lawn Care Program

Multiple Turf Applications for the Best Results

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If you’re a Weed Man customer or are considering becoming one, you’ve probably heard the term lawn care program mentioned once or twice. Wondering what a program is and why it’s so important? We’re here to give you the lowdown on the benefits of signing on for a full program versus an individual service or two. Read on below!

What is a Lawn Care Program?

A lawn care program is a treatment plan composed of several Weed Man visits. These visits may include fertilizer, weed control, or pest management applied by a trained Weed Man technician. Exact program components will vary depending on where you are located, as factors such as climate, soil temperature/composition, and local agronomics play a significant role in our treatment strategy. The majority of our customers, however, will benefit from multiple fertilizer and weed control applications each year.

Why Can’t I Schedule Just One Application?

Lawn care is a process. Although it may seem more cost-effective to order a single weed control treatment than a full, multi-visit program, you aren’t going to get the results you want with one visit from our team. Different weeds germinate at many different times of the season, and while a single treatment may eliminate current weeds, it won’t have an impact on the weeds that are yet to come. Full program customers benefit from pre-emergent weed control, meaning that Weed Man uses a product to stop weeds before they germinate, as well as post-emergent weed control, which allows us to treat weeds that have already sprouted over the course of several months. The result? A weed-free lawn all year long. 
Program customers also enjoy the added benefit of regular observation and analysis from our technical team. If we suspect insect or disease activity, we’ll notify you right away. There are many pests that can destroy home lawns in a matter of weeks if not treated immediately. By investing in a lawn care program, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your turf is in the very capable hands of your local Weed Man. 

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