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How to Prepare Your Lawn Equipment for Winter

Oct 18, 2023

End-of-Season Tips to Ensure Your Gear is Organized for Winter!

As the lawn care season comes to a close, there’s one more important step you can take to prepare for the year ahead: winterize your mower before you store it away! With some simple maintenance, you’ll extend the life of your machine, prevent malfunctions, and ensure a successful start-up come next spring.

Inspect the BladesFixing lawn mower

First, turn your lawn mower onto its side and carefully remove the blades. Inspect them for rust or damage, and then clean them thoroughly. It’s a good idea to sharpen your blades at the end of every season, not just for the efficiency of your mower, but for the health of your lawn! Sharp blades make a cleaner cut, helping your mowed lawn heal faster so it can stay lush and green.



Clean Undercarriage

While your mower is still on its side, use hot, soapy water and a wire brush to clean the grass clippings and dirt from the underpart of your mower. Keeping it clean will prevent rust and prolong the life of your mower.

Drain the Fuel Tank

If you have a gasoline powered lawn mower, you don’t want to leave any gasoline in the fuel tank over the winter. This could cause a number of problems, such as the gasoline evaporating and clogging the fuel lines and carburetor. To empty the gas tank, first add some fuel stabilizer and run the mower again so that the gasoline flows through the system. Turn the machine off, let it cool, and siphon as much gasoline as you can. Restart the mower and let it run until it stops, and then repeat these steps until the mower cannot be started and no fuel remains in the fuel lines.



Replace the Spark Plug & Air FilterFixing lawn mower

If you’ve been having frequent issues starting your mower, there are 2 things to check before calling in an expert. Much like a car, the spark plug and air filter should be serviced regularly. A dirty air filter or fouled spark plug can choke your engine and cause problems when you try to start it. Replacing the spark plug and cleaning the filter annually will go a long way in preserving the lifespan of your mower.


Store the Mower

Now that your mower is properly winterized, it can be stored for the season in a garage or shed. If you don’t have a sheltered spot for it, just make sure you cover the machine for the winter so that it won’t get damaged or rust! 



There you have it, the best tips for winterizing your lawn mower to ensure a clean start-up come spring! 



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