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Mechanical Core Aeration

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Mechanical Core Aeration


Beautiful yards are created by providing the best growing conditions based on a solid foundation of inputs such as fertilizers, water, seed and control products, when necessary. Core Aeration - which can be performed in the spring or fall (depending on the region you live in) - improves your  lawn's health and beauty, optimizes root development, and reduces thatch and associated problems.

It also deepens your lawn’s root system for greater resistance to disease, insects, drought and heat stress; improves drainage; and improves air, fertilizer, and water movement. It can also help reduce water usage. Overseeding is often performed in conjunction with core aeration.



Depending on what part of the country you live, soil conditions and grass type, the right time to aerate may vary. Typically the spring and fall are the most ideal times to aerate as the cooler temperatures, paired with rain, can improve results. Please contact your local Weed Man professional to determine what works best for your lawn.


It might have a fancy name, but Mechanical Core Aeration is simple, and can make a huge difference in the health of your lawn. This process removes soil cores and thatching from your lawn, leaving little holes in it for water, grass seed, and fertilizer to enter.  This re-oxygenates the sub-surface of your lawn, breathing new life into its entire plant system. 


how core aeration works

Core Aeration Benefit - Strong Roots
Stronger, Healthier Roots
Core Aeration allows water, grass seed and fertilizer to better reach the plant's root system.
Core Aeration Benefit - Healthier Grass
Healthier, Greener, Thicker Lawn
The process of Core Aeration re-oxygenates the sub-surface of your lawn, literally breathing new life into its entire plant system.
Core Aeration Benefit - Resist Weeds
Better Resists Weeds & Disease
A strong root system offers greater resistance to disease, insects, drought and heat stress.