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Crack and Crevice Control Program

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Manage Unwanted Weeds in Cracks and Crevices

Grass and weeds in the crushed stone areas by your driveway, pavers, and other non-lawn areas in your yard stick out like a sore thumb. With no lawn to compete with, they quickly become unsightly and hard to maintain by hand. Regular broadleaf weed products have no effect on grass.

Add Weed Man’s Crack and Crevice Control package to your lawn care program and keep your driveways and interlock areas under control. Regularly scheduled services throughout the growing season will keep grasses and weeds under control and save you the hassle.

Contact Weed Man today for more information on our Crack and Crevice Control Program, and take the first step in helping your yard look its very best. 

Questions about weeds in your property's cracks and crevices? Contact your Weed Man Lawn Care professional today!

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