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What Is Lime & How Can It Help My Lawn?

Lime is something that is often overlooked when it comes to lawn care. When soils become too acidic, many of the nutrients that are in the soil will not take on a form that the plants can use. Instead of overloading on fertilizer, lime may be used as a solution to the problem.

The causes of acidic soils are many and varied, but certain regions of Canada seem to be more prone to acidic soil conditions. Conifers that shed needles can certainly contribute to acidity in your soil. If you have moss growing in your lawn, this may also be a sign of soil acidity.

Adding lime to your lawn or gardens can help plants reap all the benefits of a healthy soil by making nutrients more readily available to them. Liming helps ensure existing nutrients in the soil are unlocked and are readily available for plant uptake. Liming also helps soil microbes and worms to thrive, fostering a fertile soil environment rather than stagnant one.

Liming can play an important role in safeguarding your lawn. Pelletized lime is the easiest form of lime to apply, and can be used any time of year.

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