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Weed Man's Seed & Feed

It’s all about the ingredients.

Do you have a distressed lawn on your hands following the summer heat? You may benefit Weed Man’s Seed & Feed.

What is a Seed & Feed Application?

Weed Man’s Seed & Feed application is a 3-in-1 treatment that includes high quality grass seed, top dressing, and organic nutrients. This fortified mixture greatly improves soil structure by increasing microbial activity. The result? Thicker, greener turf that is better able to withstand fall and winter pressures and returns looking healthy next spring.

What Are the Benefits of Seed & Feed?

- Restores the look of a thin and tired lawn

Improves the health of turf and soil

Increases turf density to help crowd out weeds

Increases seed germination results

Adds organic material to the soil

Fights off plant disease

Stabilizes and balances soil pH

How to Get the Most Our of Your Seed & Feed Application

Weed Man’s Seed & Feed Application can do wonders for your tired summer lawn. With that being said, the best results will be achieved with appropriate after-care. Regular watering is an absolute must following the application, as new seed must remain moist for a minimum of 1-2 weeks in order for it to germinate. The best results are seen when this application is used in conjunction with our regular fertilizing and weed control program. This ensures that your turf has the essential nutrients it needs to thrive.

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