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Gifting a Lawn Care Program

Give the gift of a lush, green lawn this holiday season

Okay, so now we’re REALLY getting into the last-minute gift-getting crunch, and like the rest of us procrastinators, you may be starting to panic a little. Worry not – Weed Man’s got you covered!


You may have seen our blog from last week with Last Minute Gift Ideas for Outdoor Lovers and felt like they just weren’t right for that last person on your list. Perhaps that person is more of a ‘relaxing outdoors’ type of person than a ‘hike-up-a-mountain, swim-across-a-lake, go-backpacking-through-the-forest’ type of person. That’s totally ok! If your outdoor lover prefers an outdoor space that’s a little closer to home, why not give them the gift of a beautiful, lush lawn that they can (literally) enjoy right in their own backyard?


As you may have learned in our 5 Major Ways Professional Lawn Care Makes Your Life Easier blog, there are many reasons why a lawn care program makes a great gift.


For starters, hiring a team of lawn care professionals like Weed Man means having access to exclusive, top-of-the-line products that can’t be purchased elsewhere. In addition, it means hiring a licensed professional who has been trained on how to safely and effectively apply the treatments.


More than just a nice space for you and your family to enjoy, healthy turf can add up to 15 percent to a property’s value. Investing in a professional lawn care program is financially beneficial in the long run. It also leaves the recipient with more time to get back to doing things that they love!


If you are interested in gifting a lawn care program to your loved one this holiday season, contact your local Weed Man office for more information.


Happy gifting!