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Last Minute Gift Ideas for Outdoor Lovers

Dec 16, 2021

Let us help you with those last few people on your list…

We’re into the second half of December, which means that crunch time is on the horizon of this gift-giving holiday season. With many of our days spent cooped up inside as a result of the global pandemic, it’s no wonder why many people have gravitated towards outdoor activities.



Interest in outdoor sports and pastimes like running, cycling, and hiking have soared over the past year. Why not take advantage of the uptick in outdoor activity and use it as inspiration for gift-giving this season? To help out, we’ve compiled a list of some great last-minute gift ideas for the outdoor lovers in your life. Check it out below!


1.  Outdoor neck covering


Whether you call it a buff, a gaiter, a sock tube, a neck warmer, or something else – ‘outdoor neck coverings’ make for great versatile gifts. They can be used for warmth in outdoor sports like running or skiing, as shields for mosquito bites and the sun while hiking, or as a headband on days you’re finding your hair unruly.


Whatever the case, we’re sure your loved one will find a use (or 5!) for this versatile gift.



2.  Satellite communicator


If you’re in search of a gift for an outdoor lover who is seemingly always ‘off the map,’ consider gifting them a two-way satellite communicator. Similar to a walkie-talkie, these gadgets keep hikers and climbers safe off-the-grid by sending out SOS signals, tracking locations, allowing for communication with others, and much more.


Whether or not you are a self-proclaimed ‘worry wart,’ you and your loved one will have some peace of mind with this gift on their next exhibition.



3.  Hand warmer packs


This one may seem simple, but we’ve all been in that situation where our hands were uncomfortably cold in the great outdoors (or even indoors!). For a simple gift that your recipient is sure to get some use out of, consider gifting them a few hand warmer packs.


In the cold great outdoors, warm hands are priceless!



4.   Doggy day pack


We wanted to ensure we covered ALL of the possible outdoor lovers in your life – including your furry friends! For the outdoor-loving dog in your life, consider gifting them a doggy backpack that they can take on their exhibitions with their humans. These backpacks can carry small amounts of food and treats, doggy bags, and even a collapsible water bowl.


Both you and your dog will love it!



And there you have it: our list of last-minute gift ideas for the outdoor lovers in your life.

Happy shopping!