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Your Weed Man Lawn Care Program

Apr 05, 2024

Multiple Turf Applications get the Best Results

Whether you’re already a Weed Man customer or considering becoming one, you’ve probably heard the term “lawn care program” mentioned once or twice. You might be wondering: what makes a program different from a service? The short answer is the scope of support you receive, but there’s a lot more to it than that. We’re here to give you the breakdown of what you get as a Weed Man customer and all the benefits of signing on for a full program.


What Is a Lawn Care Program?

Your lawn care program is a tailored treatment plan, which can include fertilizer, weed control, and/or pest management applied by a trained Weed Man technician over multiple visits to your property. Your exact program will depend heavily on where you live, because factors like climate, soil temperature, soil composition, and local agronomics play a significant role in our treatment strategies.

You’ll be able to customize your plan by adding additional services, such as aeration and overseeding. Your technician will be able to make educated recommendations based on the needs of your lawn.


Why Do I Need a Whole Program Instead of a Couple Visits?

Lawn care is a process. It takes season-long care and attention to make your lawn as lush and healthy as it can be. Different varieties of weeds, for example, germinate at different times of year. While a single weed control treatment will eliminate weeds that are already present, it won’t impact the weeds that are yet to come.

Full program customers benefit from multiple visits throughout the season, during which our trained professionals safely apply our proprietary, golf-course grade fertilizer and top-of-the-line weed control products. Our pre-emergent weed control prevents weeds before they germinate, and our post-emergent weed control kills the weeds that have already started to grow. The result? A lush, weed-free lawn all year long.

These regular visits also give our technical team the time and opportunity to observe and analyze your lawn. If your technician suspects disease or insect activity, we’ll notify you right away to discuss treatment options. This means we can act quickly, stopping fast-acting pests and disease from destroying your lawn before it’s too late. 



Why Weed Man?

At Weed Man, our network of locally owned and operated franchises have been providing quality lawn care services across North America for more than 50 years. From lawn fertilization and weed control to integrated pest management and everything in between, Weed Man has a lawn care program for every lawn. This spring, let us help you nourish your greener, healthier lawn. Browse our services, and request a free quote today!


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