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Winter Lawn Care FAQs

What you need to know to keep your lawn healthy this winter

We can’t believe we are almost headed into Winter 2021! What an unpredictable year this has been. While we can’t tell you what’s to come in 2022, we can lend you some tips so that you can expect a lush, healthy, green lawn come springtime. Read on to find out the answers to your most frequently asked winter lawn care questions.


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Q: Should I fertilize my lawn before winter begins?


A: Absolutely! In fact, the fall season is the most crucial time to fertilize your lawn. As the fall season comes to an end and colder days begin to trickle in, your lawn will slow its top growth and begin to store nutrients and sugars in preparation for the wintertime. As long as your grass is still green, this storing process will still be taking place.


Weed Man’s fertilizer contains nitrogen and potassium which are essential elements of the lawn’s reserve, allowing it to maintain its health and determine the quality of the lawn come springtime.



Q: Do I need to aerate my lawn before winter begins?


A: Weed Man strongly recommends that all homeowners aerate their lawn at the end of the fall season. During the aeration process, one of Weed Man’s professional lawn care experts will pull cores from the ground to reduce soil compaction, remove excessive thatch, and provide a top dressing for the lawn. This allows for the infiltration of fertilizer nutrients, sunlight, and air down into the soil, which stimulates root growth and ultimately prepares your lawn for a higher stress tolerance in the spring and summertime.



Q: How should I conduct the last mow of the season?


A: You’re in luck – we just published a blog post on this very topic! Check out our blog post, "The Last Cut of the Season", for an in-depth answer to this important question.


If you’re short on time, we’ll give you the TLDR version: lower your mowing height one half-inch to prepare the foliage for winter and avoid disease.


Q: What do I need to know about raking before the winter?


A: Chances are, if you rake your lawn now, any large quantities of debris will not break down fast enough to be mulched back into the lawn with your lawn mower, which will result in a suffocated lawn. Be sure to remove any large quantities of debris to ensure a healthy lawn come springtime!



If you have any further questions, please contact your local Weed Man professionals – we are happy to assist!