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Ways to Enjoy Your Backyard in the Winter (Without Ruining the Lawn)

Feb 22, 2022

Whether you love it or hate it, winter is here to stay for a little while longer. You may have read our last blog on Preventing Winter Damage where we advised against flooding the lawn to create an ice rink in your backyard (darn!). We thought we would lift winter lovers’ spirits with a follow-up article on ways to enjoy your backyard in the winter without ruining the lawn.


Spring is on the way, so we won’t delay! Here are our recommendations for backyard fun this winter:



Install outdoor heaters


First things first, if we want to promote outdoor fun for the whole family this winter, we need to make sure everyone is comfortable – including those family members that seem to stay cold no matter what!


Outdoor heaters are a great way to bring the warmth of the indoors to your outdoor space. Best of all, they won’t have any negative effects on your lawn.



Create a cozy lounging area


If you want to amplify the coziness-factor of the outdoor heaters, you can take it a step further by creating a lounging area in your backyard. If an ideal night for your family sounds like gathering around the TV with some blankets and snacks, this outdoor oasis will be right up your alley.


If you don’t have an outdoor couch, you can easily buy (or make!) body-length outdoor seating cushions. Throw some blankets on them, string up some outdoor lights for ambience, whip up some snacks and you’re ready for a cozy night in, out(doors).



Track and field, snow-style


If you’re hearing about a lounging area and thinking, “boring!”, we’ve got you covered. Active families will love the idea of winter track and field. Best of all, it comes at 0 cost.


If you have snow in your area, you can pile it up to create snow “hurdles” on a track that runs around the backyard. Grab a stopwatch and you’re in for some competitive family fun. Bonus points if you can make the hurdles different heights!


Though spring is around the corner, it’s not too late to make the most of the outdoors this winter. Whether you’re the lounging type, an adrenaline chaser, or somewhere in-between, there is something for the whole family to do outside this winter (without ruining the lawn).