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Transitioning Your Decor From one Holiday to the Next

Dec 07, 2022

From Fall Leaves & Pumpkins to Winter Wreaths & Trees

In the past, trimming a home for the holidays was an activity dedicated almost exclusively to the Christmas season. Halloween meant a single Jack-o’-Lantern on the front stoop, while Thanksgiving consisted of little more than a simple centerpiece on the dining room table. In recent years, however, home décor – both indoor and outdoor – has exploded to encompass some of the most popular seasons and celebrations. In particular, the period between Halloween and Thanksgiving, fondly known as the autumn season “fallidays,” now provides homeowners with the opportunity to go all out and create major curb appeal.

To spruce up your home, choose pieces that can transition from one holiday to the next, to get the most bang for your buck, and ‘wow’ your neighbors all in one shot! Weed Man Lawn Care has put together a list of outdoor winter decorations to make your yard really pop this season.



Christmas wreathsChristmas wreath

Wreaths pack a powerful punch when it comes to seasonal decorating. A whirlwind of festive colors, holiday wreaths draw attention to the front of the home and produce instant curb appeal. Are you feeling crafty? Create your own custom design using items found at your local craft store. Try incorporating items such as pinecones and red berries, to make a versatile piece that can be hung all winter long!

Follow this link to view 50+ beautiful DIY holiday wreaths that anyone can create!



Cold Weather Plants

Plants such as mums thrive in fall weather, and their colorful petals make them the perfect autumn flower for decorating your home. Place them in large pots beside your front door or hang them in baskets from the ceiling of your porch. Potted blue spruce, boxwood hedges, and thread-branch cypress are some of our very favorite winter-friendly plants. Beautiful greenery such as these, adds a nice vibrancy to your porch in an otherwise dull-looking season. 



Outdoor Lighting

Christmas lighting
Outdoor lights on a tree

To really make your porch pop this season, add a little sparkle with the help of simple lighting options. Something as easy as a lighted lantern can add that extra ‘oomph’ you’re looking for - and they are extremely versatile. Come the winter season, why not line your porch or surrounding trees with lights? Whether colorful or classic white, lights can greatly impact your overall holiday curb appeal.

Experiment with that oversized, branchy maple or oak tree in your yard. Spiral the lights loosely around the top of the tree to create an ‘orb’ shape, or, if you have several strands of lights at your disposal, wrap lights around each individual branch. The effect is sure to be breathtaking.

If you want to even take it a step further, you can add lighting along your driveway/walkway that creates a path for people to walk while also adding a “runway” effect to your home. This primarily works wonders in the winter as it gets darker outside much earlier than we’re accustomed to!


Happy holiday decorating from your local Weed Man family!