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The Dirt on the Importance of Good Soil

Why Your Soil Can Make All the Difference

Soil is the foundation of all plant health and plays an important role in how nutrients are available to your lawn. Why is soil so important to lawns? It is the key element for grass to thrive and resist problems like disease and weed infestations.
What are the signs that the soil under your lawn needs a boost?
Compacted Soil. Compacted soil occurs when soil particles are pressed together, reducing the pore space between them and thus prohibiting grass foots from receiving adequate amounts of air, moisture, and nutrients. As a result, healthy plant growth stalls. Soil compaction is a common problem on lawns and is usually caused by heavy foot or equipment traffic on the surface of the turf.


Not Enough Organics. Soil that does not have enough organic matter cannot help roots absorb enough moisture or the nutrients it needs.
Too Much Watering. Over- or under-watering the soil beneath your lawn can lead to not enough proper nutrients being present to promote healthy grass.
Weed Man can help improve your soil with fertilization and aeration services. Fertilizers continuously feed the lawn and help it healthy, which results in a thicker, more robust overall structure. Aeration is a process that utilizes hollow coring tines to remove plugs of soil from the lawn, breaking up compaction and allowing nutrients, air and water to reach the root zone.
Sometimes lawns require top dressing in order to help release more organic matter into the soil. Top dressing is most effective following aeration, as the material will fill the aeration cores. When top dressing, customers must ensure they do not completely cover the grass as it may smother and kill it.

Contact your local Weed Man professional to discuss how they can customize a soil enhancement program for your lawn.

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