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Real or Artificial Christmas Tree?

Dec 13, 2022

What are the pros and cons?

Christmas Trees

It’s a question that has divided Christmas lovers for decades: real or fake tree? Weed Man is here to give you the pros and cons of both to help you make a decision that’s right for your household!


Environmental Factor

Pro - Real Tree: Buying a real tree helps support forest farmers. If people cease to buy real trees in the future, these farmers won’t grow as many and will not have a healthy forest that wildlife depends on during the cold months. After the holidays are over, these trees can be recycled and used for other purposes such as lumber for homes, and can even be made into mulch!

Con- Artificial Tree: Because of the materials artificial trees are made of, not all of them are recyclable and will therefore end up in landfills.




Pro – Artificial Tree: Although you may have to spend a pretty penny on a realistic artificial tree from the store, it is a one-time cost. 

Con- Real Tree: Real trees can become costly when purchasing a new one each year. Depending on the size or type you want, you may have to spend upwards of $100 each year for a tree.



Clean-up / Up-keep

Pro – Artificial Tree: Artificial trees are - for the most part - notoriously easy to put up and take down. They are also relatively clean and don’t shed their needles. After decorating an artificial tree, you can leave it up for the whole month and not have to worry about it dying.

Con- Real Tree: Real trees must be watered each day to prevent them from drying out (and becoming a fire hazard in the process!). There is also a mess factor…real trees drop needles regularly, which means you’ll need to have a vacuum or broom onhand. 




Pro – Real Tree: Nothing beats the smell of a real tree, especially during the holiday season. Waking up and smelling that fresh pine smell will surely put you in the Christmas spirit. 

Con – Artificial Tree: Although many stores now sell items you can place inside your artificial tree to give it that fresh scent, we all know that it’s not the same. Nothing can replace that true Christmas tree smell!



There you have it. Weed Man’s pros and cons list, based on important factors to consider when making your decision. Decide on what’s most important and feasible for you and your family and have a happy holiday!

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