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Mark the Edges of Your Lawn for Damage-Free Snow Removal

Feb 16, 2024

marking lawn with sticks for snow removal


Because of the snowfall of the winter months, it might feel like your lawn and your lawn maintenance tasks are temporarily out of sight and out of mind. However, in this time leading up to the spring lawn care season, there is one quick action you can take to protect your lawn from common winter damage.


Whether you shovel and plow yourself or leave it to a professional, snow removal is one of the biggest causes of winter lawn damage, which you might not even notice until the snow melts. The simple solution is to mark the edges of your lawn with stakes. This makes it easy for your snow remover to see and distinguish the border between the areas that need to be shoveled (such as driveways, roads, and sidewalks) and the areas that should be avoided (such as lawns, gardens, and ornamental plants). It’s also a good idea to mark potential safety hazards, like curbs, retaining walls, fire hydrants, drainage ditches, and uneven ground, which could cause injury to your snow remover.


There are plenty of lawn stake options on the market, constructed from a variety of materials and in a variety of styles. The most important thing is that the stake is tall enough and colourful enough to be visible against the snow. You can even use multiple colours to colour code the different objects and hazards you’re marking. Stakes with a reflective element will also help drivers see the boundaries at night. 


Your local Weed Man professional can advise you on how to protect and nourish your lawn all year long! Find a Weed Man near you and get a free quote today!