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Late Summer Lawn Care

Aug 24, 2022

Re-invigorate Your Lawn

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The shorter days and cooler nights we’ve been experiencing can only mean one thing: summer is slowly but surely coming to an end. As you start thinking about your late summer “to do” list, be sure to keep your lawn in mind. After a summer marked by little precipitation and extreme temperatures (both cool and hot!), your once-lush grass may be looking a bit worse for wear.  Don’t allow small imperfections to become unmanageable damage – re-invigorate your turf with these tips from Weed Man Lawn Care.


Core Aeration

Core aeration is an effective, budget-friendly way to revitalize your lawn. Following a summer full of outdoor activity, the soil on your lawn may feel hard to the touch. This is because it has been packed down by a high volume of foot traffic. Not to worry – aeration can help. During the process of aeration, plugs of soil are removed from the lawn to improve the movement of air, water, and nutrients throughout the soil.

The reason this is important to have done to your lawn is because without the soil getting these essential elements, your turf won’t survive. The result is a healthier, deeper root system that helps the grass plants better overcome stress caused by insects, disease, and drought.


To build a thicker, healthier lawn and relieve soil compaction, core aeration is a must for late summer lawn care.


Does your lawn feature thin grass, bare patches, or signs of drought stress? Consider treating your turf to an overseeding from Weed Man. Overseeding involves sowing additional seed over existing lawn grasses, which, in turn, thickens up the turf and allows it to fight back against damage and disease.

When performed in conjunction with core aeration, overseeding enhances seed to soil contact necessary for germination and creates a damp, protected environment optimal for seedling growth and development. This can have incredible results, as both services help rebuild a lawn’s foundation before the harsher months ahead.



How Does Overseeding Work?

It is important to mow your lawn before the application to ensure the seeds embed in the soil rather than sit on top of the lawn. Typically soil temperatures must be above 55 degrees Fahrenheit (or around 12 degrees Celsius) for the seed to germinate. Once the seeds have been laid, it is now the homeowner’s duty to keep the lawn hydrated. This is especially important because without keeping the turf moist, there’s a chance the seeds will not germinate. It is recommended to water daily for 10-15 minutes up to 4 weeks to ensure that they stay damp and have a better chance of reviving your lawn!


The majority of lawn care experts agree that the last application of fertilizer of the year has the most impact on home lawns. This means that even if you fertilized your lawn this past spring, you should strongly consider a fall feeding. If you’ve signed on for a full lawn care program with Weed Man, this service should be included.

Fall fertilizers have multiple benefits:


  • They feature a high concentration of potassium, aiding in the cold hardiness of your turf

  • They allow your lawn to store vital nutrients for the winter

  • They encourage a healthy, thriving root system

Timing is everything. If fertilizer is applied too early, it can lead to harmful turf diseases and winter injury. It is best to apply fall fertilizer just before grass stops growing – usually between mid to late November. 

Although you may be spending a little less time outdoors these days than you did in the peak of summer, don’t leave your lawn to fend for itself. Going the extra mile now will go a long way in giving you a healthy, lush lawn come next spring.


Weed Man’s Slow-Release Fertilizer

Weed Man uses a proprietary high percentage slow-release, granular fertilizer blended with the latest slow-release technology. Our custom fertilizer blend is made with a combination of essential nutrients (specifically, nitrogen and potassium). Nitrogen aids in plant growth and helps keep grass looking green and healthy. Potassium, on the other hand, increases weather hardiness and resistance to disease and drought.




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