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How Your Lawn is Beneficial to The Ecosystem

Sep 07, 2022

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Lawns are more than just a beautiful landscape to look at. They have many advantages, including, benefits to the ecosystem. The next time you walk outside and breathe in some fresh, you’ll know exactly where it comes from.


Lawns Clean the Air

Like all plant living things, grass also produces oxygen and takes in carbon dioxide. As we all know, oxygen is very important and plays an essential part in human life. On the other hand, trapping CO2 is also critical as it harms our bodies. Grass not only eliminates atmosphere pollution but also traps dust, keeping it out of the air and out of our bodies. Being able to walk outside and breathe in fresh air, is a direct relation to healthy lawns everywhere.


Reduce Noise Pollution

Being surrounded by lots of greenery acts as insulation which absorbs sounds from cars, people, and animals. Walking through a city, you may notice frequent noises that are louder compared to a neighbourhood boarded by lawns and green. This is because hard surfaces such as concrete, allow sound to bounce off easily from building to building. Therefore, it can be much quieter while sitting in a field or park due to the reduced noise pollution.


Lawns Keep You Cooler

Have you ever sat down on the grass in some beautiful shade and felt so much cooler? That’s because lush lawns keep cool air intact and trapped within the turf. Lawns will also assist in bringing down the surface temperature in the surrounding area, keeping it cooler for longer. City areas that house lots of buildings and concrete tend to be warmer than parks or suburban neighbourhoods, solely due to the nearby grass.


Water Filtration & Runoff

When it rains, the water gets absorbed into the grass and this helps to avoid flooding. This is very effective for reducing surface water runoff. Underground grass root systems create macropores which are channels that allow water to infiltrate. Furthermore, the microorganisms found in lawns can filter water by absorbing pollutants thus creating a healthier ecosystem with less toxins.



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