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Benefits of Aeration

Why you should aerate your lawn this fall

Fall is officially in full swing, and that means it’s time to start thinking about aerating your lawn. When you aerate by removing small cores of soil and thatch (the layer of organic debris between the soil surface and vegetation) from your lawn, fertilizer and water become more beneficial, leaving you with a healthier, deeper root system (and ultimately, a beautiful lawn!).



Read on to learn more about the benefits of aerating your lawn this fall.





Aeration relieves soil compaction


With the warm summer months, we can usually expect to see homeowners spending lots of time out on the lawn – whether this be for a backyard barbecue, gardening, playing with pets, or just relaxing! When the fall rolls around, though, you may notice that the increased foot traffic has left your lawn compacted.


Aerating in the fall helps your lawn to relieve that added stress and tension. Moreover, neglecting compacted soil will prevent new growth, and the lawn will begin to dry out. When this happens, lawns tend to experience “runoff,” meaning that rain is not able to penetrate the dense soil layer. Talk about a nightmare!


Aeration promotes new growth


For homeowners looking to fertilize and seed their lawn, aeration is especially recommended. This is because it gives the granules and seeds a better opportunity to penetrate the soil, and also ensures that the roots of the lawn have more room to move and grow.


[Hint: Fall is one of the most important times of the year to fertilize! To learn more, check out our Fall Lawn Care FAQs page.]


Aeration promotes healthy grass

Above all, aerating your lawn in the fall is important because it promotes the growth of healthy grass. When you aerate your lawn, vital nutrients, water, sunlight, and oxygen are better able to sink into the soil and reach the root system of your lawn. This promotes a healthy and deep root system, which ultimately leads to a lush, green lawn that is better able to defend itself against unwanted weeds and grasses!


process of aeration



For optimal results, let us take care of the aeration for you!

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