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About Our Lawn Care Products

Jan 21, 2022

Information on the safety and effectiveness of Weed Man’s products

Here at Weed Man, we guarantee premium lawn care products applied by trained professionals, every time.


What makes our products so special? Let’s talk fertilizer.


Fertilizer is a crucial component of a lawn care program, as it provides your lawn with the nutrients it needs to grow strong roots and grasses. Put simply, fertilization is the key to an overall healthier, greener, and thicker lawn.


Weed Man uses a proprietary high percentage slow-release granular fertilizer that is blended with the newest slow-release technology. Our custom fertilizer blend is made with essential nutrients like nitrogen and potassium to aid in plant growth and increase resistance to disease and drought. In other words, it encourages a lawn that not only looks healthy, but is healthy, from the outside-in.


And as for those pesky weeds? We have a top-of-the-line solution for those, too.


Weed Man technicians use the best, most effective weed control products on the market. From traditional weed control products to newer, more progressive tools, our trained professionals will safely apply what your lawn needs to keep it looking pristine.


Protect your investment and increase your home’s curb appeal with a customized lawn care program that will keep your lawn looking its best.


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