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3 Signs You Have a Grub Problem in Your Lawn

Your Lawn May be at Risk

Grubs in Soil

It’s official: grub season is here! Is your lawn protected? If not, you may need to prepare for costly damage down the road. Find out why a preventative approach is the best choice when it comes to protecting your property with the latest alert from Weed Man Lawn Care. 

White Grub Damage

White grubs (resulting from European chafer, Japanese, May and June beetles) are small, plump, white larvae that feed on grassroots. While many homeowners consider grubs out of sight, out of mind, these larvae can cause damage to all turfgrass species.

Signs of a Grub Infestation

#1: Yellowing turf

When grubs tear up the roots of a lawn, the result is spongy, yellowish turf that can often be rolled back like a carpet or freshly laid sod. Left undiagnosed, grubs can devastate an entire lawn in a short period of time, which means costly renovation and re-sodding on the part of the homeowner. 

#2: Animal infestation 

Animals like skunks and raccoons love to dig up grubby lawns looking for their next meal. Birds will similarly feed on grubs and leave behind pencil-sized holes. This damage can be just as unsightly and expensive to fix as the grub damage itself. 

#3: The appearance of drought 

Grub damage can trick you! Because the damage caused by white grubs is similar to symptoms of drought or dormancy, many homeowners wrongly assume that their lawn just needs more water to return to its normal green self. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy.

White Grub Tips

  • Grubs are easier to cure preventatively, so watch for warning signs like flying Japanese beetles

  • If you’ve had grub problems in seasons past, it is likely you will have them again

  • If watering doesn’t help eliminate the discolored patches on your lawn, you may have a grub problem

  • Birds searching for food on the lawn and/or digging animals often signify a grub infestation

Protecting Your Lawn From Grubs

By August, when there’s more stress on the turf, grubs have often done enough injury to roots to heavily damage a lawn. That’s why Weed Man strongly recommends that homeowners take a preventative approach. Our preventative product is highly effective and lasts 60-75 days in the soil. We guarantee that grub activity will not even begin for the entire remainder of the year – that’s like getting grub insurance for your lawn! Contact us today for details and pricing.


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