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Chinch Bug Management

Managing Chinch Bugs in Your Lawn

Have you been watering your lawn, yet it still appears dry? Weed Man can help!

Chinch Bug Management

If you're a lawn care enthusiast, chances are you've heard about the extreme damage Chinch Bugs can cause during periods of warmer weather.

What are Chinch Bugs?

Chinch Bugs are small insects which live in and feed on lawn grasses. They live above the soil and feed on living grass plants by means of a piercing mouthpart called a stylet (similar to a mosquito). The insect inserts its stylet into the leaves, stems, or crowns of the lawn grasses and sucks the juices out of the plant. The damage looks quite similar to drought symptoms, but of course, watering does not remedy the problem.

Chinch Bugs can be a source of ongoing frustration for homeowners, simply because they are so difficult to detect. The damage they cause often mimics other, less serious issues, such as dryness and dog spot. Unfortunately, leaving Chinch Bug damage undiagnosed for too long can lead to complete turf destruction in a matter of weeks - meaning expensive and unexpected lawn repairs in your future. Thankfully, Weed Man has got you covered.

How do I treat for Chinch Bugs?

Promptly treating potentially devastating Chinch Bug infestations can help protect the investment you have made in a lawn care program and your property. If you notice suspicious brown patches starting to appear in the lawn, do not hesitate. Call your local Weed Man Professional for a free Healthy Lawn Analysis. Weed Man can verify the presence of a potentially damaging infestation, discuss preventative measures, and recommend treatment if required. Consult with your local Weed Man Professional to discuss all options with respect to dealing with insects in your lawn.