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Mushrooms In Your Lawn

Why They Are an Issue

mushrooms growing in lawn

The mushroom is an above-ground fruiting or reproductive structure of a fungus.

- Many of the species of fungi that produce mushrooms feed on decaying organic matter in the soil.

- It is common to find mushrooms growing on lawns that have dead and buried stumps, roots, boards, excess thatch and other organic debris.

- Mushrooms help decay buried organic matter.

- Mushrooms range from 1-12" (2.5 - 30cm) in diameter and tend to appear after heavy rains or watering.

- Some mushrooms are foul-smelling, some are poisonous and for the most part, are undesirable on home lawns because of their appearance. However, it is important to note that they do not cause any damage to turf.

- The fungi that produce mushrooms over winter as mycelia spawn in the soil and decaying organic matter.

- Fungi reproduce by spores and spread by wind, water, and lawn equipment.

Controlling Mushrooms In Your Lawn

Control of mushrooms can be achieved by doing the following:

- Where practical, carefully dig up and destroy rotting stumps, roots, or other organic debris.

- Remove mushrooms by hand, with a lawnmower or stiff rake.

- Mushrooms will disappear naturally only when the food in the soil becomes exhausted. This process may take several years.

If you have further questions about mushrooms on lawns, contact your local Weed Man.

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