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Learn Your Lawn: Nimblewill

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What Is Nimblewill?

Nimblewill, also commonly referred to as ”nimbleweed” or "wiregrass," is a creeping, invasive grass species with tough, fibrous stems and long, slender leaves that grow in dense mats. It is known for its ability to invade and choke out native plant species, making it an unwelcome invader in many regions. It has a straggly, unkempt appearance and is often referred to as a weed. Nimblewill is very slow to green up in the spring and will turn brown under severe heat stress. It spreads by seeds and by stolons, which are very thin and wiry and can spread in patches up to 1 or 2 feet in diameter each year. It is a native, warm-season, perennial grass that can be found in any lawn, but it is especially prevalent in older lawns.

How Can I Control Nimblewill In My Lawn?

An effective way to control small infestations of nimblewill is by pulling individual plants by hand and repairing these areas with desirable grass seed varieties or sod. If the infestation is larger, other forms of control may be necessary. 


A thick, healthy, well-maintained lawn is always the best line of defense. This can be achieved through beneficial cultural practices.


Your local Weed Man professional will be able to offer other solutions and recommend the best form of treatment that is suitable to improve the conditions of your lawn.