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Mushrooms In Your Lawn

Mushrooms In Your Lawn

Why Do I Have Mushrooms In My Lawn?


When you see mushrooms in your lawn, you’re actually seeing the fruiting bodies of fungi growing down in the soil. Mushrooms are a common sight in lawns, especially after periods of rain or high humidity. Most mushrooms are harmless to your lawn and do not cause significant damage to the turfgrass. In fact, some mushrooms are even beneficial to your lawn, as they help to break down organic matter in the soil, improving the soil structure. However, some varieties of mushrooms can indicate an underlying issue with the soil, such as poor drainage or excessive thatch buildup. It’s quite common to find mushrooms growing on lawns that have dead and buried tree stumps, decaying root matter, or other organic debris. Some varieties of mushrooms may have a foul smell and others may be poisonous, but in general, mushrooms are simply an eye-sore, and therefore undesirable on home lawns. It’s important to note that mushrooms do not cause any damage to the turf itself.


What Can I Do About Mushrooms In My Lawn?


The two main causes of mushrooms are excessive moisture and decaying organic matter in the soil. This leaves us with only a few options for controlling them. However, mushrooms will disappear naturally when their food source in the lawn is exhausted.

  • Mowing: Maintain a regular mowing schedule to help to suppress mushroom growth and improve the visual appearance of the lawn.

  • Hand Removal: If the mushroom infestation is small, you can remove the mushrooms by hand. However, for larger infestations, the chore will be tedious. 

  • Remove Decaying Matter: If possible, dig up and remove the decaying matter or organic debris, such as tree stumps and dead roots, that may be causing the mushrooms to appear.

  • Core Aeration: Aerate your lawn to improve soil drainage and alleviate soil compaction, allowing water and nutrients to penetrate deeper into the soil.

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