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Moss Issues

Moss Weed on Lawn

There are hundreds of species of mosses found in temperate climates. However only a few are troublesome as lawn weeds. Moss may be a problem wherever one or more of the following situations are present:
- low levels of nitrogen
- poor air circulation
- excessive shade
- low soil pH
- poor drainage or compaction
- low mowing height
- any maintenance practice that puts stress on the grass plants


Your Weed Man can apply a moss control product in the early spring or fall. Once the moss turns black it must be raked up and the bare areas should be renovated (see Weed Man fact sheet on lawn renovation).

The next step is to find and correct the underlying problem:
- prune trees to reduce shade and increase air circulation
- aerate to improve drainage
- have your soil tested to determine pH
- adjust lawn mower to cut at or above 5 cm (2 inches)
Your Weed Man is a trained specialist. He or she can advise you on the proper techniques to help create a thick, green moss-free lawn.

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