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Fairy Rings

Marasmius Oreades

Fairy Ring is a troublesome and annoying lawn disease, infecting lawns across the country. It is a form of plant life called fungi, and one of the most annoying problems found in home lawns.

Diagnosing Fairy Rings

Fairy Ring first appears as a circle of dark green, lush, fast growing grass. A brown dead ring of grass surrounds the lush area.

Rings or crescents commonly vary from 3’ - 49’ (1 to 15 m).

The disease is spread throughout the lawn in the form of spores. These spores are spread by wind, air, water and humans.

The fungus is contained within the soil penetrating as deep as 12 “ (30 cm). The fungus attacks a central point in your lawn and grows outward.

The fungus can show various symptoms such as:

- Circular stunted or dead grass zones

- Darker green zone of grass on outer ring

- Growth of grass and weeds in the center

- Mushrooms on the Fairy Ring fungus

- Whitish fungus located above the soil surface


Fairy Ring is a very difficult disease to control


The turf can be removed and the underlying soil can be replaced. This method is very expensive, difficult and not always effective due to re-infestation.

A more practical method for controlling Fairy Ring is to poke a garden fork into the ring and water the areas heavily. The water floods the disease and carries the Fairy Ring spores away from the grass plants.

Fairy Rings are less noticeable in a well-maintained lawn.

Your Weed Man can fertilize your lawn and advise you on proper procedures to help mask the problem.

Fairy Ring is difficult to eliminate but Fairy Ring suppression is practical and effective. Call your Weed Man Lawn Care for more details!


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