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What is Quackgrass?

Agropyron repens

Quackgrass Lawn Care

Lawns across the country are infested with a troublesome weed grass called quackgrass, sometimes referred to as couch or twitch grass.


Quackgrass is faster growing and lighter green in color than desirable lawn grasses such as Kentucky Bluegrass.

- Weak lawns are ideal sites for the invasion of unsightly quackgrass.

- Infrequent grass cutting and poor watering habits encourage Quackgrass invasion.

- Quackgrass also thrives in undernourished, weak lawns and will quickly spread throughout the lawn.

- Quackgrass reproduces most often by vigorous underground stems called rhizomes.

- Few people are aware of quackgrass invasion until desirable grasses such as Kentucky Bluegrass are crowded out.

- Quackgrass gives the lawn a coarse uneven appearance.


There are no selective weed control materials for quackgrass. The most effective procedure for control and/or suppression of quackgrass is to "stunt it out" or "crowd it out". This is accomplished by:

- applying a good fertilizer program, such as Weed Man slow-release granular fertilizer, to the lawn in order to thicken desirable lawn grasses.

- in addition, the lawn must be cut frequently (every 3-4 days) at a slightly lower height than is normally recommended, approximately 1 ½ to 2” (4-5 cm).

These procedures have the effect of stunting the taller growing quackgrass. Desirable grasses will then begin to crowd the stressed quackgrass and will ultimately result in a vigorously growing, healthy green lawn.

Patience and diligence are essential ingredients in this procedure. It may take 2-3 years to control quackgrass naturally. Ask your Weed Man for tips on watering.


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