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Power Raking

Stimulate healthy plant growth with Power Raking from Weed Man Lawn Care

power raking


Power raking is an effective and gentle way to remove unwanted build-up, moss, and thatch (the layer of dead and decaying matter between the soil and your lawn’s surface) while stimulating healthy growth in the spring or fall.

After a moss treatment has been applied, power raking is able to occur, where fixed blades gently pull up dead moss and thatch to open up the turf. This allows for the grass to fill in these areas, and also prepares the lawn for seeding, which can significantly improve the health of the lawn. 

When should I power rake my lawn?

The best time for power raking is in the early spring or fall, following the application of a moss control.

For best results, it is recommended to rake all of the dead moss out of the lawn following a moss control application. Weed Man offers power raking to alleviate homeowners of this labour-intensive job. 

What are the benefits of power raking?

Power raking has numerous benefits, including:

  • Gently and effectively removing thatch and moss
  • Improving the flow of air, water, and nutrients to the soil
  • Stimulating healthy plant growth to give you a lush, green lawn.


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*Please note that Weed Man's power raking service is only available in the province of British Columbia