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Why Mow Low?

Why Mow Low?

Tips for the last mow of the year

As colder temperatures begin to set in, you may be thinking about giving your lawn its final mow of the season. If you read through our mowing tips, you will already know that mowing your lawn regularly and at proper heights is essential. But did you know that extra special care should be taken with the final mow of the year? Read on to learn some tips from your local Weed Man lawn care experts!



 While we encourage homeowners to mow their lawns as long as they are still growing, there will inevitably come a time to retire the lawn mower for the year. The final mowing can be the most important cut of the year, because it can help protect your lawn from diseases throughout the winter months (or encourage them, if done incorrectly!).


For a quick summary of the benefits of mowing low this fall, look no further than our handy dandy guide:



And there you have it: three important reasons to mow low this fall. Happy mowing! 

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